Thursday, January 31, 2008

TFT: An Eye for an Eye

Just to start this isn't supposed to be a debate on Capital Punishment, just a thoughts on some situations. And because I am on the fence of that issue, esp how it is used in this country. That being said, on the news this morning, these two parents were sentenced to 3 and 5 yrs for leaving their 14 mo old either strapped to a stroller or in his playpen in the house, while they went out drinking(the story). The child was unresponsive and had life threatening diaper rash. I almost think it would be fitting to strap them to a chair for what would be an equivalent of the time, not be fed, feel what a life threatening diaper rash feels like along with letting their body temp fall to 84 degrees. I feel horrible when PB has a small little rash. But they obviously didn't really care about themselves either, since it sounds like the house was NASTY. Stories like this just piss me off because there are loving people in the world who can't have kids and then people like this breed like cockroaches. My favorite line is from the father who doesn't do diapers thats the wife's job. These are the instances when I think, you know there is something to that whole eye for an eye saying.


jenny cook said...

eh, those kind of stories really make my heart sick. i agree - it would be fitting to let them go through the same thing.

Michelle Leigh said...

Oh my goodness. How horribly sad. I won't write what I think should happen, cause it's a lot worse than an eye for an eye. People like that should rott in hell. They didn't have enough money to pay a babysitter, but they did have enough money to drink. Poor kid. I just want to rescue that poor baby and show him how he should be treated. He didn't ask to be brought into the world by evil and selfish people. 1 diaper a day? Really? What is wrong with them! Ok, enough of my rant!

Zoe said...

i have worked in maternal child my entire nursing career. i have seen things that would make your blood boil. i have spent way to many hours crying over kids that were not my own because someone who should love and protect them didn't. there is a special place in hell for people who hurt and neglect children.