Tuesday, January 29, 2008


This is insane; it was so nice the last couple days, even this morning. Around noon they started closing the area schools. So we figured the storm was coming in a little faster than projected. So I quick fill up with gas after work , I wonder if they thought there would be a run on gas since one of the stations rose their price 7 cents. Then I grabbed PB from daycare and ran to the grocery store. I get out of the grocery store around 3 and it's freezing rain, which turns to snow in the 5 min drive home. It is now so windy. When I leave for work in the morning they are expecting it to be 30 below with the wind chill, oh and those winds are supposed to be around 50mph. YIKES. I sometimes wonder if living in southern Wisconsin has turned me into a Sally from living in northern Wisconsin. I used to wait for the bus when it was below zero and didn't think twice about it. You knew it was cold because the inside of you nose froze up. Though years of shoveling the snow has not been forgotten, when it snow 3 inches, I don't say, "oh my god we sure did get a lot of snow. I still consider that a dusting compared to lake affect snow. But I am now like my mother in the sense she is always cold, and the girl who wore shorts to school in the winter is always cold now. I have to sleep with an electric blanket. I don't know what happened.


Michelle Leigh said...

Ok, I've lived in MN my entire life and I still am not used to the weather. I hate it more than anything. I'm especially miserable right now, it's way to freakin' cold to leave the house! How depressing???

Zoe said...

i live in michigan and it is so cold i can't stand it. with wind chill it was -21 this am. with gusts up to 50mph. i'm sitting in my room under a down comforter, sweats, sweatshirt and heavy socks and i'm still cold. i hate being cold!!!