Friday, February 29, 2008

Check Up

Peanut Butter and I went in to the Dr.s for her 18 month check up. She was a trooper, she took 2 shots without even a whimper. I was a little shocked. Everything else is a-ok, she is 25.5 pounds and 31 inches. We took a nice long nap together this afternoon. J worked 4am to 12 so he was home this afternoon which was nice. After the boy got home from school I bundled up the girl to see if she'd play in the snow as we cleaned up the sidewalks and such. She wasn't to into it. She wondered what the stuff was on her gloves, but went nuts when I put her on top of a snowbank. She acted like she was ready to go in, but when we got on the porch she tried crawling into the stroller out there like she wanted to go for a walk. I said PB it's a little too cold to go for a walk. Then when I got her in the house she did NOT want to take the boots and snow pants off she threw a tantrum for a good 15 min and walked around with one glove on for quite a while.
The boy had another dance to night. I guess he has a new girl now, or a J says the flavor of the month. Nice, I know. I would hope in 6th grade things aren't that serious anyway. We have to leave the house around 6 am tomorrow for his basketball tournament. I am not looking forward to it. It will be a long day for the girl.
I was reminded again tonight that I hate ponderosa. I don't know why I agreed to go eat there, I never like anything there and end up wasting a ton of food, and it was packed, no room to move anywhere. PB made a mess of herself and received a good bath when we got home.


Zoe said...

ewwww ponderosa. i worked there once...for an hour.

jessica said...

i loved ponderosa as a kid. i don't remember the food, though :) happy 18 months, PB is quite a trooper!