Thursday, February 21, 2008


I ended up having to leave work early to pick up the girl from daycare. She was running a temp of 102.9 and had already received ibuprofen. The told me it might be a strep throat, they had 2 cases of it at day care. I took her in and it is apparently an ear infection. I got antibiotics, but I hate using them. I don't want her to become immune to them. She seems to be doing better this evening.
I now think I'm starting to get what everyone has had. I have a runny nose. I hate it. I'm already on an allergy med with decongestant. Why is my nose running?
Sorry about the lame TFT. I was going to write about how Elizabeth Hasselbeck from the view annoys the crap out of me. But I couldn't I didn't want to seem like I was picking on the lone republican, no matter how wacked her views are. I w
as going to write about what age is appropriate for dating too, but maybe I'll do that later.


Michelle Leigh said...

Oh, I hope you all feel better. Seems like everyone is sick these days! no fun!

Smitty76 said...

Geez, all the sickness going around is crazy! I hope your WHOLE FAMILY gets all better soon!!

ellen said...

Elisabeth Hasselbeck annoys me to no end! LOL! sometimes i have to turn off that show b/c i just can't take it anymore.

i hope your family gets better!!!! i found your blog thorugh a friend!