Friday, February 8, 2008

17 inches of Freaking Snow

Yep 17 inches of snow is what we lovingly received on Wednesday. Our sidewalk was shoveled a record number of 4 times. 2 of which some enterprising kids in the neighborhood did. J paid them 21 dollars in the late morning to shovel it. I shoveled it after work and the kids came by after the snow stopped and I paid them 10 bucks. They must have wished J was to get another 20. It only took them like 10 min. I didn't even know they did it in the morning until I mentioned to J that some kids shoveled and he said he paid them too. Then the city came through and snowblowed it. It took me about 30 min to drive the 15 miles home from work, the very reason I have a global warming SVU with 4 wheel drive.. Thank god I wasn't one of those stuck south of Madison.

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