Sunday, February 17, 2008

Weekend Events

My child is going to be kicked out of daycare, well not really, but.. I picked her up on Friday and they hand me her daily sheet, and jokingly I say, oh it looks like you’ve been naughty today. The teacher says, “Well…” I’m like great what the heck did she do now. “She did push and wrestle 2 of the girls down and sat on them.” I almost laughed and realized she got this from her brother who wrestles around with her. I said she must get it from her brother and she was like that’s what we figured, we just told her she can’t play like that here. I hope this talking to her works for them, because it doesn’t do a darn thing for me. So it always humors me when they say they talked with her. I took her to the winter fest they held that night and she would not stay in one place she ran from room to room to room. Grabbing a toy from one room running away with it and I’d grab it and return it and she was running from another room with another toy. She must like it there though, because she ran up and hugged a lot of the staff when she’d see them. That at least makes me feel like I chose the right place and the staff must be pretty good.

We went to the Dells for basketball on Saturday. The have this complex with 4 courts on it and hold tournaments every weekend. They must make money hand over fist. One of the moms was telling me they now have a volleyball complex with I think she said 6 courts and 2 indoor soccer fields. She also said there wasn’t any hotels rooms avail for the weekend. This would be amazing since there are a c of them. I did see one that said vacancy on it, but it wasn’t one of the big water park ones, just a mom and pop joint. Organized sports are big business. Any who, the boys got crushed their first game. It’s like they cannot make any baskets they must have a horrible shooting percentage. They did play pretty well and won their second game. They were supposed to play this morning, but they decided not to take their chances with the weather. It was freezing rain when came to work this morning, the roads were horrible and there expecting us to get 10-14 inches of snow on top of that. Nasty!

I also discovered Friday that Miss Peanut Butter is not quite ready for a booster seat yet. She and I went to dinner with my mom and I knew a high chair didn’t fit at the booth, so I took a booster seat. Well give a girl a little freedom and look out up, down, up, down. I realized why strapping her in is such a good idea. She’s into dipping stuff in ketchup too. She had pizza, but she would grab my fries and dunk them in my ketchup and eat them. It was funny. A moment that makes me want to have another one, but know we can’t.


Michelle Leigh said...

Wow, sounds like a fun weather event! I heard WI was getting slammed. I have to say, I'm glad it stayed away from us in MN! I'm so tired of it.

There are so many moments that say you should have kids over and over again, huh? I'm a little sad that this is my last, but I know this is it for me! My current kids can always amaze me and will for years to come. They make life what it is.

Smitty76 said...

You might have a little pro-wrestler on your hands, LOL!

And holy crap, 10-14 inches?!! I don't even think we've gotten that much all SEASON. Ugh.

Zoe said...

man her and ava would most likely kill each other!