Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Give me Fever

Peanut Butter is still running a fever today. The only thing I that bugs me when she's sick is she wants to be carried around and sat with the whole day. Making supper was interesting. I'm glad I happened to be off work to comfort her though. Hopefully she'll be feeling better tomorrow. If not I know J will be calling me at work, because there's no way he's staying home. Some how his sick days are more important than mine, even though he has more than I do since I had to use my 40o hours on maternity leave. I always wonder when I should bring her into the Dr. She really only has a runny nose and a fever, so we'll wade it out for a day or two. The highest it read was 102.9, but I think the Ibuprofen kicked in and it when down a bit on the next reading so I felt a little better. I'm more worried about they dehydration at this point. She didn't drink or eat for that matter a whole lot.
I have decided, that my daughter will not be able to date ever! O
k, not ever but no "boyfriends" until high school. We've just been having some weird stuff happening with the boy and his "girlfriends." One of the girls has said some scary things on MSN to him, which his mom caught. She has declared the girl off limits and doesn't want him talking to her. I agree. Note to Daddies, make sure you love your daughters and show it, even if your only a part time dad. Then they won't be searching for something they are missing. I don't know if that's the case here, but I'm thinking it might be.


jenny said...

i don't ever bring tucker in for a fever because there is really not much they can do about it. i just strip him down, keep him cool, give him motrin or tylonel and usually that helps with a fever. sorry for my rant. when he is up all night and has a cough/runny nose, i bring him in because (as you might have read) it usually is an ear infection for him! sickness is no fun! i hope she gets better soon!

Michelle Leigh said...

I bring the girls in for anything. I'm terrible about that. Most times it turns into something, some times I'm dellusional! Annika had a virus for the last 6 days, diarrhea, while potty training=no fun! She finally broke out in a rash yesterday, so it's over, yeah! But the rash scared me, so guess what, she was at the dr. yesterday! I didn't even know she had the virus!

Sorry to hear about the scary little girl. How old are they? I've been hearing a lot about young kids getting calls and such from boy/girlfriends. Weird!

Amy said...

i hope she feel better real soon.

i usually give watch the fever for a couple of days. that is unless, i suspect it's an ear infection. though neither of my boys have had ear infections since they thad their tonsils out and tubes put in.

take care.

Zoe said...

my kids are all cligons when they are sick. it is hard when they are sick at the same time. mark gets tons more time off but he never stays home either. i hear ya about some of these girls. yikes. my son had one last year that was a true nut...mental hospital and everything. it amazes me how forward some of these girls are. i'd kill ava!