Monday, February 25, 2008

18 and a life to grow

Peanut Butter is 18 months old now. The only developmental thing I’m worried about is talking. She doesn’t say too many words. I guess the fact that she is saying any is ok. I don’t want her to fall behind or have a speech delay. I probably shouldn’t have read that article in Parents. I’m all paranoid now. She’s starting to get the hang of utensils, but I just started giving them to her about a month ago. She raring to try and use a regular cup but she tends to drain the whole cup down the front of her shirt. She starting to try and zip down her jackets. She hasn’t tried pulling down her pants, but she’ll step out of them when we’re getting ready for bath time. She does pull open her diaper tabs; just as I will have her pants just about on, rip, she pulls a tab open. Breaking her of the nuk and co-sleeping is probably going to kill me, but it must be done… someday. I may have to take her in to Penney’s on Thursday or Friday for some photos. The milestone should be documented. I wish I had someone like Jessica to shoot photos for me. Her stuff rocks!

Yesterday I put her snow boots on for the first time and she was walking outside with them, while I cooked on the grill. When the burgers were done, I brought her in and she threw a fit when I took her boots off. Full on tantrum as I’m putting her in her high chair, I even put her boots back on in hopes to get her to sit. She wasn’t having it and kicked them off, but managed to grab a fry and eat it. So I put the tray on and she eventually ate some. We’re supposed to get some more snow tonite and tomorrow, and since it won’t be below zero with wind chills. I’ll have to get her snow pants on too and get her playing in the snow.


Amy said...

i like the song. isn't the visual of them singing funny as hell? have a great day!

Smitty76 said...

What a cutie! I love the cheeks. :-)

P.S. I tagged you!

Zoe said...

she is so cute. turning into an independent one! ava isn't talking at all. i read the same article...even though ava is already in speech...and i'm freaked out even more!

jessica said...

hey robyn, don't worry about the talking yet. what does your pediatrician say? my son didn't talk much at ALL until after two years. and he's highly intelligent ;) so maybe she's just taking her time. do you do anything else, like sign with her? happy 18 months! re: pics, you have to email and tell me where you live - i'll make a "house call" ;) my blog