Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Lazy Day

It was a lazy day here. I went and voted and picked up some milk and bread from dinner in the morning and Peanut Butter and I just hung out the rest of the day. She started running a fever this afternoon and was pretty lethargic. I gave her some tylonol and another little nap; she seemed to be doing better after that.
I've been kicking around joining the Y. With they lovely weather we've had I haven't been walking at all. I've gotten lazy in walking at work too, it sucks walking alone at work. Our Y is brand new and has a few pretty neat things. But I can't justify spending the 57 bucks a month for a family plan, unless I could get a single and still use the child watch. I may have to call and find out. Otherwise I may just buy an elliptical machine.
Not too much else to add today, hopefully tomorrow will bring more.


Zoe said...

i'd love to join the y even though ours is old and crummy but we can't afford it either :(

Michelle Leigh said...

We have a new Y here and I want to join when the baby comes. But, it's way more than $54! I'd join in a heartbeat if it were that cheap for a family membership. I have an elliptical and it doesn't get used much, ooops!