Friday, February 8, 2008

The get r done run

It is the famous Git R Done Run weekend. J and his group of male friends head to Gooberville, Hurley WI, for a weekend of debauchery. The even recruited another unsuspecting male to join them. They lure them in of the promises of total drunkenness and strip clubs. Little do they know the "talent" is the meth head from the trailer park. But poor J tried to hide his wad of ones from the bank last night, giving me the excuse it was for poker, which they do play at the hunting camp while watching such gems as: BeerFest, Clerks 2, American Pie Frat, and Good Luck Chuck. Though, he has been down to the lower block enough to know what is in store and does get a chuckle when the some of the guys are all excited to go esp newbies. If you want to spend your money on outrageously priced beer and on a lady to get undressed to not to sleep with you, well, have at it. Though those girls might give one a go.
One of them was in such a rush to get up there and start drinking he was pissed that they hadn't left yet at 8am, it takes about 4-5 hours to get there. I was just mad I didn't get to properly sleep in on my day off and rushed through my shower and didn't shave my legs because I thought I had to drop him off at 7:30 am. The were getting afraid that the guy driving was going to be driving miss daisy slow. They we all worried about the whole 2 in of snow we were supposed to get and thought, maybe we'll have to take 2 4x4s instead of 1 mini van. Where's the rational there?
I just hope they look cute together in their matching sweatshirts. Yes, you read correctly, matching sweatshirts commemorating the event they had made up in advance. My husband even modeled one for me to make sure it looked ok. I almost felt bad when I laughed. Boys will be boys, I just ask that I don't get a call from jail.

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