Monday, February 4, 2008

What I meant to say.

Zoe told me about this on Swistle's blog: List some things that were left unsaid. "Each one should be directed at someone in particular. You don't say who you're saying each thing to, and you don't give a ton of backstory---you just say it". I see it as a good way to vent. I'll give it a go.

1. If you wanted to get rid of the dog, you should have said something instead of getting rid of it while I was at a birthday party thinking I wouldn't notice.

2. Best friends DO NOT date the ex that you still have feelings for! Wanting to discuss it with me will not make me not want to punch your teeth out. I hope you both had a good laugh at my expense.

3. Calling me a selfish snot doesn't make me want to improve anything, it just makes me hate you.

4. You made me wonder why love had to hurt(mentally). You really broke me.

5. How dare you scream at us, when I went through all the bullshit to join your misogynistic church. You reaffirmed my atheist views.

6. If you would have just shown up all of this could have been avoided.

7. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to break your heart. I was afraid of what my friends would thing if they knew I was seeing you seriously. You deserve better, but the jealousy thing needs to be put in check.

8. I wish I wouldn't have been talked into getting you to go with me, especially since I found someone else and would rather not go now.

9. I don't know any thing more moronic as a game plan as "if we have the ball the other team can't score." If we have no offense we can't keep the ball, if we can't keep the ball we can't score.

10. I know the fact that I never got caught breaking the athletic code really pisses you off. It just goes to show girls are smarter than boys. But the fact that your track star reeked of smoke everyday still amuses me. I still like you even though you said I put on drinking weight over the summer. You'll give her female athlete of the year and get your revenge.

11. The reason I never got back to you is I realized how much you used me as a friend over the years and when I put my foot down, you were gone, literally. We had some good times let's leave it at that.

12. I saw your finger marks in my pudding and I've noticed other food gone. If you're going to binge and purge don't use my food. I'm effin poor and have to work in the god forsaken cafeteria on the rich kids side of campus. I also saw you on campus with my favorite sweater. I can't believe you stole it.

Yep some are lame, but a lot of my, you pissed me off stuff, happened in high school. The stuff I want to say to my husband I said then and he's heard them hundred times and it still doesn't get through.

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