Friday, February 15, 2008

My Call at Work Today

Todays call from J to me at work. He happened to be at work also.
"Um, Yeah, you need to find some different diapers or something, cuz whatever you've used the last 2 nights just isn't going to cut it. I mean get some pampers or better yet huggies, those seem to really work."
"She had huggies on 2 nights ago, and really, you need to change her when you guys get up."
"I DO change her when we get up, as I was carrying her downstairs my arm got soaked this morning."
(Holding back laughter)" Well, I probably should have changed her again before she went to bed, we did take an early bath."
"Well something has to be done." The guy that I'm working with is now asking for the phone to start razzing him.
"I will try and make sure she has huggies on at night."

So I get home and her urine soaked, and I do mean soaked p.j.s are still sitting out. Why not throw them in the washer? I'm still wondering about the whole, I do change her right away, comment he made.

What a goof. Sorry Jessica no more target brand at night, J said something must be done.


Broken Beth said...

Aww poor girl, men I swear they don't know how to take care of things!
Lol like it would have been so hard to throw them in the washer. HEHE

Jennifer said...

Sorry I told you Target brand worked! I'm just laughing to myself about the washer thing, they would still be sitting there at our house too!

jessica said...

target brand only worked for us up until size 4... now we've got pampers or luvs on at night... i HATE the elmo print all over the pampers though! i'd like some PLAIN WHITE DIAPERS! i think all hubbies would have left the wet clothes there. mine would.

Michelle Leigh said...

I hate the Target brand. One day, I was walking down the street with Bianca, and she started to pee down my leg! It was a brand new diaper. After that, never again. But, I agree with you, men are not good at that! My husband won't run a load unless it's full, he's frugal like that. If there are dirty, wet clothes, they should be washed. Duh!

Zoe said...

i hate that. mark will just leave the wet pjs and bedding on the floor infront of the washer. then you have to wash them extra long so they don't reek!