Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Work can be a Vacation.

I never thought I'd think going into the hell hole I call work would be a vacation. Peanut Butter has been on a rampage this weekend. All I said for three days straight was: NO, GET DOWN, Please don't eat the crayons. You're going to fall and break your head. Stop. Wait. Come Here. Don't throw your food. Just let me put your pants on! You need to spot crying. You are fine. With J being gone she knew she didn't really have to listen. Little Stinker. At least at work I don't expect for them to listen to me.
She can destroy a house in no time flat. I felt like I was a functioning FEMA, cleaning one disaster after another. Where did she get all those toys? She has also become addicted to watching dvds on the computer. I cannot begin to tell you how many time she has watched the Blue's Clues dvd. Over and over and over again.

She pulled a good one today. I get this call from J at work:

"Um, how many Rolaids did you have on the nightstand?"
"Well, after I got done with my shower I walked in the bedroom and it smelled all fruity. And your daughter was sitting on the bed and ate one quick. There are 2 left"
"Then she probably ate 2-4 of them. Let me look at my pack." I had one in my pocket and of course it says keep out of reach of children.
"What should I do?" I sometimes wonder what he'd do with out me.
"Call the nurse line and see if it's something we need to bring her in for, then call me back."
Well I never get a call, and when he gets to work he said oh, she'll be fine. I had to call poison control, but they said as long as she didn't have more than 10 she might just have some diarrhea. And he was on the ball and let day care know. I was impressed.

So I loved the photos of Michelle's girls in the tub, so I had to post a photo of PB's faux mohawk. It fell a bit as I tried to take the picture.


Anonymous said...

I am with you - there are plenty of days around here where I wish I had a job for that exact reason! Hope the ornery streak ends soon - and love the fauxhawk!

jenny cook said...

the last few weeks i have felt like a drill sergeant - so i can relate to what you feel like. cute photo!

Amy said...

nice photo! yeah sometimes i want to go to work too! i guess it's the grass is always greener on the other side.

i am grateful where i am. well most of the time!

have a great night~

jessica said...

i feel like i'm yelling at my son 24/7 and pulling stuff out of the baby's mouth all day long! i hear ya! i am soooo impressed by your husband being on top of the rolaids thing. i wonder if mine would catch something like that??? my blog

Kristi S said...

What a cute pic!