Sunday, February 24, 2008

My Space, Kids, Lost

Here are some pictures of my space. Since we're sharing work spaces.I don’t really consider it a work space, because I don’t work here, I just do my hobby. I got lucky in the fact that this is supposed to be the 4th bedroom. I think a twin bed would barely fit in here. I have been a bad scrapper lately. I haven’t had any mojo, or desire. I keep putting it off, saying I want to have something to do at the crop I want to go to in March. I have been a bit busy on the computer at night after the girl goes to bed also. I can’t seem to get on during the day, with out Peanut Butter all over me. She has to sit on my lap and be all over the desk, and I can’t pull out the keyboard to type, she kicks it back in. I usually get 5 min to check my email when I get home from work during the day; then PB decides she must see what’s going on. She sits all nice for J, I don’t get it. I haven’t attempted to try and scrap during the day, since she sees my room as a wonderland. She pulls everything out of the cabneits, maybe someday when she can play more by herself.

I’ve been noticing more and more people having 3 kids. How the heck do you afford it? Money is basically the only reason we can’t have another one. Daycare would kill us. I could go to 3rd shift, but then J and I really wouldn’t see each other. I’d rather keep my marriage than have another kid and end up divorced. I do notice that some of you are SAHM which would cut out the daycare, but I don’t think I could do that either, I need to have my own money. I guess you make do with what you have, but I still wonder how you manage. I will live with just having the one and her half brother, unless we win the lottery of course.

Lost, this show has me more confused than ever. I finally watched this week episode, Egg Town . The name made me think there was going to be all these hidden hints. But I didn’t catch any of them. After seeing Sayid working for Ben the week before almost killing me, I love Sayid he can’t work for Ben. I’m now assuming Kate took Aaron off the island, which is why she doesn’t want anyone to see him and maybe notice he isn’t hers. They must have done her trial right after she got rescued, since Jack isn’t a drunk yet. But why wouldn’t Jack want to see the kid, and who is the he, that Kate tells Jack will be missing her when he tells her they need to go back. I could go to some of the fan sites and get their insight, but I always feel so dumb that I didn’t get certain things that happened. But I think some of these people have watched the episode like 20 times. I’ve been saving them this season to watch again, but I probably won’t.

And to answer some questions from yesterday, I work in a prison.


Amy said...

great space! omg... are you saying that the little boy that kate has is actually aaron? i never even thought of that. wow!

jessica said...

i love it! looks like a craft heaven. you have a TON of scrapbook stuff! thanks for posting it! my blog

Ana Baird said...

Love your working area! I really enjoy looking at pictures of crafting rooms. They always give me new ideas. Thanks for sharing!

Mary said...

I totally missed the boat on Lost. For some reason I never gave it a good enough shot and now I feel like I'm missing out.

Look at all that scrappin' stuff!!

Zoe said...

i'm so jealous you have a space!!! i have never been able to watch lost...i can't see it regularly and then i get all confused.