Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sassy Pants

Miss Peanut Butter had issues today. Around 11:30 she went into full on tantrum mode screaming "MAMA!" over and over for at least 30 min. I kept asking her what she wanted and she would scream louder, then she was screaming to "EAT!" and I gave her something to eat and that wasn't good enough, finally J started tickling her and poof it was over. Then around 1 it was the same thing I couldn't take it any more and told her she was going for a nap, but some how turning Cinderella on made the sassy pants happy and all was well with PB. I went upstairs to scrapbook as J watched football. J calls me to comedown stairs to see what PB is doing. I always wonderd how kids fell asleep in the oddest places or postitions and today this photo is how she fell asleep on the chair watching Cinderella. After getting my photos I took her up to her crib for the rest of her nap.
We went to the Dells last night to meet my Mom for dinner. I was amazed for an odd weekend in September how busy the town was. We ate at this nice Italian place. Peanut Butter was good for the first 20 minutes or so, but then she was sick of being confined to a booth. The food was pretty good, the dessert was delicious I had a mocha hazelnut mousse cake and it was huge. I almost made myself sick eating it. I'm sure it was calorie friendly too. We got PB in the car and at that point we actually got to talk a little.
I felt guilty about all the goodness I ate last night and didn't really eat properly today, mostly grazed until dinner. We decided to get sandwiches from Jimmy John's and I said I'll walk and get them. J looked at me like I was off my rocker. I figured it wasn't much more than 2 miles there and back. He said call me when you need picked up, nice huh. I ran about half of it. I think it was a little more than 2 miles, since I was pretty worn out by the time I got home. But I can't seem to stop eating tonight, I just keep wanting to get just a little something more from the kitchen, so much for the walk.


Anonymous said...

That is AWESOME! My kids were also in rare sorts yesterday - fun times!

Poltzie said...

I love how she is sleeping, so sweet!

Tranny Head said...

This is where you and I differ. See - I would have totally left her there and let her wake up unable to move her head because of her neck cramp because I'd be way too scared that she'd wake up and refuse to go back to sleep if I tried to move her.

Anyway - kudos to you for being nice!

jessica said...

ok that is way too funny.

kids don't usually get neck cramps anyway. now if that were you or me we'd be out of commission for a month!

Cassandra said...

You RAN to get dinner? geez woman. Quit showing off!