Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Photo Shoot

This is one of the proofs from Miss Peanut Butters shoot today. I love it. I had them done by Kelly at OhShoot Photography. I cannot wait to get my CD. She was so good with her and Miss PB was being the run around toddler that she is. We did the shoot at Oshkosh's South Park. They have a river and there were tons of geese and ducks and Peanut Butter wanted to chase them. At on point it looked like she was herding geese it was funny. They had a huge play set there that we played on after the shoot. PB was lovin' the wall climbing thing to the slide. I can't get over how much she loves to climb.
I stopped at the Old Navy outlet and got a couple things, namely a halloween costume. I know it is early, but they are on sale and I really like the skunk. I'm glad I didn't order it online since I had her try on the 12-24mos and it still fits. I think the 2-3T would be way too big for her. I was going to have her go as Boo from Monsters Inc, but the costumes are going for over 60 dollars on Ebay. I could do the pink tee shirt thing, but I'm kidding myself thinking I can make a decent Boo monster costume.
I tried stopping in the Child's Place, but it was just mayhem with PB she was running all over and to be honest I'm not that into their clothes. They have some funky stuff. So we hit the road. As tired out as she was tonight she still went down screaming and crying.
As far as the Dr. appointment. He is pretty decent. He did check for a hernia. The reason he thinks it may be related to the c-sect is because I never had this before the c and I have been getting this pain off and on since I had it. I did have a scan a few weeks after the c-sect and they didn't see anything. I finally went back about it since it seems to be lingering longer than it has in the past and April's posts got to me.
I forgot to mark my 300th post, argh. So I will have to come up with something else. I think my year at this is coming up soon.


Amy said...

This picture is AWESOME - PB is so cute. I love the light in her eyes. Post more pics, please. I couldn't get the link you put up.

I hope your stomach is feeling better. I am glad you got it checked out.

Kathryn said...

What a great pic! She is just so cute!

Happy 300th!

Mary said...

This picture is great! What a smile......she looks so happy :) I hate to say it and make you said, but she's starting to look like a big girl :)

Yay for 300!

Kristi said...

Cute photo!
Congrats on 300 posts!

Poltzie said...

That is a perfect picture for your 300th!

Anonymous said...

VERY cute photo:-)

April said...

She looks SO beautiful in this picture! It turned out perfect! (love her little sweater)

And GOOD for you for taking your health seriously...don't ever let a doctor make you feel like your health is not that important!!

jessica said...

she is way too cute for words!!

Cassandra said...

You have a little model on your hands!

Hope you are feeling better!