Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Get Your Irish Up

J is a HUGE Notre Dame Football fan, yes, even when they suck. We actually got tickets to a game last year. Wouldn't you know it, we see them lose to Navy for the first time in like forever. J asked if I'd consider going again, I said yes, of course I'd go. So he then bids on tickets from ebay under my account and is then surprised when he wins and wonders if he really has to pay for them?!? I said why in the world did you even bid on these before we discussed if we could go? We don't have anyone to watch PB the day of this game, so it looks like The Boy will get to get his Irish up. The worse thing is as soon as I mentioned The Boy going if we couldn't find anyone, it was like I had been thrown under the bus and forgotten, like we weren't going to even attempt to find someone. Maybe I can get to a stinkin' Badger game then; too bad those tickets are going for way more than I can afford. Bollocks!!


Kathryn said...

I just love going to football games. Of course they are much more fun when your team wins. ;)

Julie said...

That stinks. I have never been to a college or pro game. Only High school games. But they are fun.

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

We love football games too. This is the first year we don't have season badger tickets (it's just way too hard with a toddler)!

I do hope you get to go.