Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Another Mishmash

I should not have posted about Miss Peanut Butter adjusting to time outs and such. Today she thought a time out was funnier than all get out. I'd sit her in the chair and she's laugh. I'd walk away she's cry get down and be naughty again. Back to the chair laughs, cries, naughty. I finally put her in the stroller so I could walk off some of my frustration.
Have I mentioned we are all about the baths now too. Every night, "bath, bath, bath?" Ever since I bought this Finding Nemo bath set. She also likes to do the toddler form of the cannonball into the tub if you catch her sneaking out of the tub/bathroom.
Tomorrow is Friday and I am more than happy to have my weekend here. Way too much drama going down in the big house, must be the full moon. I think we might take a little jaunt to the apple orchard on Thursday.
I found out Aladdin is in that sneaky Disney vault too, but at least I can get this one used for less than 10 bucks.


Poltzie said...

That damn vault hey! Luckily we aren't there yet!

Amy said...

I am enjoying all the pics of PB!

Leslie Collins said...

Love the adorable pic of PB.

Sounds like her and Reyna would get along quite well. Reyna won't sit in a time out for nothing.

Julie said...

Love the pics, so cute!!
It took awhile for the time out to work for Em too. She liked them so much, she would put her self in time out. Now she HATES time outs.

MamaGeek said...

Here here for the weekend my friend. Now what is this talk of the Disney Vault? I fear I don't want to know (we have YET to the Disney stage). Sounds like yet ANOTHER evil marketing ploy.

And another fantastic photo! Seriously, the cute is too much! :)

Tiaras & Tantrums said...

try the high chair as the time out chair - she can't get out of that right??