Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Pants Who Needs Pants

This seems to be Peanut Butter's mantra these days. She will not keep her shorts or diaper on. I have even tried the cotton training underwear and those don't even stay on very long. I know she is bothered by the diaper rash that has been plaguing her, but dang girl, put something on. I realize this is the time to be pushing the potty training, and I'm trying, but so is she:) They haven't mentioned anything at daycare yet, thankfully.
This is PB's after bath ritual, a little eye-key. She still believes it is better to eat it with her hands, even though she can do fairly well with her spoon. In fact I'm sure we will be off to the tub shortly.
J is away tonight and tomorrow night for training through work. Can I tell you how excited I am to drop Miss PB off at daycare tomorrow and Friday? Yeah, that excited.


Michelle Leigh said...

Don't ya think the ice cream should come before the bath? We did that the other night before bath and it was a good thing, those girls were disasters!

I wouldn't be too worried about the pants thing, Annika went through that for a short while, but now she prefers to have undies and pants on!

Julie said...

I like me some eye-key too!!

She is too cute!!!!