Monday, September 8, 2008


Sorry Viking fans. Rodgers actually didn't look too bad. I also rawked in my fantasy leagues kickin' a$$ and takin' names.

I need a new way to put Miss Peanut Butter to bed. Ever since we took the nuk away, she doesn't go down without a fight. I have tried sitting there until she falls asleep. This worked a couple nights, but now she sits and says "mommy" over and over for an hour. We are doing the cry it out right now and it is killing me. Maybe I just need to get over it. I'd like to move her to a normal bed at some point and right now she would not stay in it. Thankfully, she can't escape the crib yet. That is what those great genes that put her in the 20th percentile for height will get you.

We are getting photos tomorrow. I am excited. My friend had them done by this woman and hers came out really nice. Sorry Jes, I swear I will make it over by you someday. I will post some photos when I get my grubby hands on them. I am hoping that Peanut Butter will cooperate. Keep your fingers crossed.

I have something weird going on in my abdomen. I get a sharp pain when I cough or sneeze. I am hoping it isn't a hernia or something. I should really get it looked at, I will make an appointment tomorrow, maybe...

We added to PB's shoe collection yesterday. My friend, whose daughter is 6 mos older, gave my a bunch of cute ones. She also gave me a bunch of clothes, but we so have different tastes. I usually only pick out about a fourth of what she gives me. I always feel bad about it.


Amy said...

Go to the doctors - don't wait!

jessica said...

:( yeah sure you'll get this way - ha ha! can't wait to see the pics of PB!

and as for the pain, did anything happen to start it that you noticed? sometimes if i am bent over and sneeze i do something awful to a muscle in my abdomen and i'm bent over for hours and everything i do hurts then. maybe you should see someone!!

Kathryn said...

Didn't look too bad? Rodgers rocked! When was the last time we saw Favre run for a first down? Or even attempt a quarterback sneak? He did great! And man! He was humble too. Loved it! :)

I'd go see a doc just in case.

Michelle Leigh said...

Booo! What a disappointment of a game!