Monday, September 29, 2008

C is for Cookie

I made my fat butt get out there and attempt to run again today. Why, you might be asking? My name is Robyn and I am a cookieaholic. I love cookies, I cannot eat enough cookies. I like the Natural Bakery cookies. I like the icebox cookies from the grocery store bakery, I like their chocolate chip ones too. I love the Back to Nature fudge mint ones which are exactly like the girl scout thin mints which are also deelish, but I try to avoid for the "bad stuff" those contain, like cookies are good for you. I will even eat Annie's chocolate chip bunny grahams or the Earth's Best letter of the day cookies in a pinch. I discovered a new one this week and can I say Yummo. Late July's vanilla bean. I can only imagine their dark chocolate ones are divine. And no, I didn't pay that much for them they were on sale at Whole Foods for $3 a box. I am a cookie aficionado, I will usually try any one once. The only ones that don't trip my trigger are ones with raisins, though the natural bakery oatmeal raisin ones are actually pretty darn good and they are loaded with raisins. I have even tried Laura's Wholesome Junk Food and they are pretty good, but now I really taste the dates in them and it has pretty much wrecked it. I will even admit that I have skipped meals in order to eat or because I ate too many cookies. How sad is that. I need help people. Ok, I just need a little will power.

And just a disclaimer I don't buy the cookies, I linked here just because they are organic, I buy these because they usually don't contain bleached enriched flour and high fructose corn syrup, I don't care what is trying to tell me, I personally think it is scary stuff. But that is a whole other post.


conniecl said...

I think the cookie monster thing is inherited!!!!!
I LOVE cookies!!!

Cecily R said...

I love cookies too...but that awful ones full of stuff that scares you. Like Oreos. Yummmmm.

Kristi said...

I ate too many cookies this past weekend!!! Your post made me hungry though :)