Monday, July 14, 2008

The Zoo and Perfect Mom Panera Hell

I took The Boy and Peanut Butter to the zoo today. It was a pretty good time. Peanut Butter walked almost the whole park. I forced her in the stroller once to get us back around without it taking 20 min since we only had 2 hr parking. Her favorite animals seems to be the seals. She can sit and watch them forever, that is until they start barking/growling. This freaked her out and the seals weren't as fun any more. On our way out the lions had moved off of their sleepy rocks and came up to the observation window. I don't think I realized how big they were until I was 2 feet from one. Huge!
By the time we got out of the zoo, Peanut Butter was not only hungry, but tired and a wee bit cranky, so why not do lunch. We went to Panera and made the mistake of sitting in the section that had the "perfect" moms with their sons who were 2-3 years old, two tables away gushing "what big eaters" they had today. Peanut Butter got a little fussy at one point and I'll admit it, she was a little loud. So one of the mothers made the point to very loudly say, "see boys when someone is loud when you are trying to eat it is very annoying!" Seriously? I really have never had a problem with someone else's kid being loud. I have felt their pain, but would never have said something loud enough so you got my point, but hiding behind my own freaking kid. I wanted to go up to that biatch and give her a piece of my mind, but of course she ran to the bathroom when we were getting up to leave. I made sure to let the other mom know we were more than sorry for annoying them.
Peanut Butter and I went down to The Boy's baseball game. She enjoys the concession stand more than anything and is a bottomless pit to the garbage they sell. Tonight knowing full well we were going down to the fields, she refused to eat much of her dinner and at the field proceeded to eat a cup of ice cream, half a ring pop, M&Ms, and a small bag of fritos and was still signing more and eat. I'm a sucker.


Kathryn said...

Holy crap! I would have wanted to slap that woman too! What the heck?
Maybe her boys are USUALLY really loud and she was trying to make a point to them. ??? Either way, what a dink!
Love the zoo photos!

Michelle Leigh said...

Ooooh, I would have been soooo pissed. Obviously she's delusional and doesn't understand what 2 year olds are really like. Maybe she had some vodka in her lemonade? Anyway, I wouldn't worry too much. My kids are always loud when we are out. B's favorite thing to do is scream! Great pics of the zoo, looks like you had fun!

April said...

THAT WOMAN is the rude one! I, too, would have wanted to bitch slap her!

And where is the picture of the LION?? ;-)

Tranny Head said...

What's funny about it is that it was a Panera . . . which is just glorified fast food. I mean - I don't think she'd have called you out in McDonald's.

See - this is where you and I are different. I would have viewed those as fighting words and we would have had an altercation in Panera and REALLY made a scene.

Though, I admit, when my kid starts to get loud I always take him away . . . even in Panera. I'm not one of those people who sits there no matter how loud their kid is and refuses to leave.

But anyway - there would have been an altercation in Panera if I'd been there. I can assure you.

Leslie Collins said...

What a rude a*% lady. I would have been ticked. She definitely didn't need to say something.

Cute pic's.

jessica said...

how rude. i'm a sucker for goodies too. i'm digging that last photo! so cute of the two of them.