Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Back to Work After a Looong Weekend

After 5 wonderful days off, I had to return to work today. Peanut Butter being spoiled by having mommy in the mornings was apparently a nightmare this morning. I can't say that I feel bad for J having to deal with it either.
I'm debating whether or not to have a rummage sale this Saturday. I can only put it off for so long, and I could really use the funds. I have all of the kids clothes marked, I just have some of The Boys toys and the big baby items to tag.
I had to post a couple photos of the Peanut Butter from the weekend. Nana bought her the cute little dress in the first photo in Belgium, I believe. We met Nana that night for dinner and a game of chase me in the parking lot. The other is her stuffing her face with concession stand yumminess and of course has my wallet out for "more".


Poltzie said...

Oh, she is so so cute!

Kathryn said...

Such a cutie!!!

Amy said...

She is just too cute! I hope work went okay!

April said...

DAMN that PB is adorable! EVERY PHOTO you post of her is a cute one!