Saturday, July 12, 2008

A Tough One

We played our big rivals in the district tournament last night. It was a pretty good game. If only our boys could keep it together for a whole six innings. They had a bad inning and Waupun went up 9-1, and never looked back Our team has never beaten them, and just once I'd like to see it happen. I'm sure we'll face them a couple more times this year. They are just one of those teams you really want to beat. Our neighbor's son's Mom said at one of the games they played in Waupun this year they lost and one of the people in their stands yelled, "you can just go home now." Nice huh. Hopefully the boys will quite screwing around a focus a bit and win one today.

The boy eked out a hit in the 5th and got on base. J has this thing for the zoom and doesn't understand it makes the photos all grainy. Surprisingly, Peanut Butter stayed somewhat put in the bleachers and I got to watch most of the game. I'm trying new ways to keep her busy.
She played with the water bottles. She seems to like to try and stack them, move them from one end of the bleachers to another, and since these ones had the squirt tops, she squeezed water all over.
She ate up the frozen yogurt the day before, but today she thought the little peeps elephant might like a taste. I never would have thought to freeze the squeezable yogurts, but I am going to now.
Apparently the huge crowd of about 15 of us in the stands was too loud for Peanut Butter and she had to plug her ears. She also does this when she doesn't want to listen, I don't know where she got it from, but sometimes it is too cute not to laugh.


Kathryn said...

As long as they have fun playing it doesn't matter if they win. Of course, winning usually makes it more fun, doesn't it? That and the other team not being so poopy.

That little lady of yours is so cute!!

Amy said...

Still playing baseball? Its been over here for a month.

Hope you're having a great weekend!

April said...

Cute pictures! That stinks about losing the game though for the Boy. :-P