Monday, July 21, 2008

Life in the Big Hou$e

Some inquiring minds wanted to know about how I got into this line of work, what was the craziest thing I've seen, what I wanted to be when I grew up and where did I meet my Husband.
Being a cage kicker was never on my what I want to be when I grow up list, I was on a hiatus from college in which I was majoring in political science w/ criminal justice a far cry from my original major Pharmacy. I was working a temp job for the state and they were offering the test for a permanent position. I went to the test site after being encouraged by my dad to try for the job. When I got there there was about 300 people in there for the 1 job and I said forget it, what else are they testing for. Hmm corrections that is fairly close to being a police officer, I think. I scored pretty high and ignored the first offer for and interview. I got a second request and at the time I was hurting for some real money and this was twice as much as I was making so I interviewed and got a job. I had 12 weeks of training and then welcome to the department. I worked 3rd shift for the first 5 mo and hated the guy I worked with and moved to 2nd. I currently work 1st which is 6am - 2pm but we are expected to be on post at 5:45 and leave at 1:45. The pay and the hours are the only real reason I stay. I was perusing the job bulletin today and right now I am home with Peanut Butter at 2pm. The only real part of her life I miss is from 8am to noon and she naps at daycare from 12-2. If I took a different job I'd have those wacky bankers hours that most people have and feel I'd miss out on more.
I have rotating days off, so I have Tues Weds this week, next week it is Thurs and Sat. We end up getting 4 day weekend over a weekend which is really nice even though it is every 8 weeks. Working 7 days straight stinks sometimes. By days5-7 I have a hard time getting out of bed and have a short fuse patience wise. J works M-F and holidays off. His hours flex between 10a-10p, but is usually 10a-6p which works out pretty nice. Because I have to work holidays I get those hours to use at my discretion, it is like getting another 2 weeks of vacation.
If you have seen any of the shows that show what it is like inside, I have maybe seen a small fraction of anything remotely close to stuff that goes on at those places and I do work at a max and have worked a separation building. I don't think I could work at most of those places. If you have seen the Green Mile, it where I work is more like that, without the executions. One of the hardest thing I find to deal with is being watched all the time, there are eyes everywhere.
The craziest things I have seen: a guy bite a chunk out of his arm, a guy tie off his baby makers because he wants to be a girl, a stomach being pumped(disgusting), a 8ftx8ft window completely covered in poop, golf clubs made from toilet paper, and my favorite, a guy who lived for weeks in his cell, naked, peeing on the floor until there was like an inch of it that he was walking all day around in. And he never slept. But they wouldn't consider him crazy, they said he was faking. A day or two and giving up is faking, weeks on end is craziness in my book. The guy completely snapped.
In this wonderful world, I met my husband. I couldn't stand him when we first met. I hated working with him, but he made friends with my friends, and one day it was love. I have yet to figure that one out, but here we are.
So there you have it in a nut shell.


Leslie Collins said...

Wow. I give you a TON of credit for what you do. It sounds like you have witnessed some crazy stuff.

Have a great day!

Michelle Leigh said...

Sounds like a crazy job! It's worth it though if you get to spend so much time with PB. I worked at Annika's daycare for a while just to be close to her and while it sucked, I did it just to have good hours and time with my baby. I can't say a daycare is much diff. than a corr. facility! I've seen poop smeared too!

April said...

Yikes! While I don't envy your JOB (ewww!) I do envy your HOURS!@!! I have those shitty banker's hours you mentioned (9-6pm ugh).

Julie said...

WOW. That is a tough job I bet. I would love hrs like that,however, I don't think I could work somewhere like that. I am a wimp!!
I am impressed!

Anonymous said...

The sacrifices you make when you become a parent never cease to amaze me . . . trading poop for reasonable hours with your child is no exception! Funny the twists and turns that life takes us and where we end up because of it.

Kathryn said...

My friend worked at a prison and was telling us about a guy that cut his manhood off so that he could get a sex change operation. I wonder if that is the same guy you are talking about. I think it was the same prison you are working at. Hmm.
My friend doesn't work there anymore because he was deployed to Iraq.
Anyway. Very interesting stuff!

jessica said...

i'm speechless after reading that. i'll keep my job. you rock sister!