Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Weekend Round Up

It is still baseball season, my husband is nonexistent and I don't know how things ever got done before he was on the board since the people who are supposed to be in charge need him for every cotton pickin' thing. Sigh. Rant over for now.
I took The Boy and Peanut Butter to his game in Sun Prairie on Friday. J had to work on fields here in town for the Little League 9-10 District Tournament. He didn't miss much and neither did I as I chased the girl for 40 min as they got slaughtered. Saturday morning I take the 2 by myself again since he has to do fields again. The Boy's team won they had a big 15 run inning. It was pretty awesome to see them hit so well. It rarely happens like that. Before this game Miss Peanut Butter decided, she was going to make friends with one of the mean girls come hell or high water.

She states her case and says lets find trouble and they did. They actually played pretty well together seeing as they have their age difference. They decided the storage shed was a good place to get dirty and have fun. I actually got to watch a game. One dad said some thing about them being loud in there banging and I said, listen this is the first game I've actually seen more than an inning of. I took away the metal things they were banging with and all was good.

Another girl came over to join the fun and brought a cool refreshing strawberry lemonade cup and was sharing until her uber mean sister came over and yelled at her. Previously she was using PB's shortcake doll to kick across the lawn and tried to stare me down when I told her to stop. The girl was like 5. I decided to get the girls one of their own they could share, but they just sold out so I got her a cherry push pop, it was a red nightmare.

At the second game of the day the girls picked up where they left off. I though they were so cute on the table looking like they are discussing world events or something grand.

The Boy's team kept up the hitting and won 12-2. I did get to see bits and pieces of this game. They played again this morning and lost.

J made it down for this came and decided PB should learn to take book. Which is scoring for the non baseball peeps. J was all in a tizzy trying to figure out how he was going to watch PB this morning since I had to work. He hinted for me to call in sick, but I told him he could do one game, it wouldn't kill him. He managed and the girl is still alive, that is all that matters.


Cassandra said...

Your ballpark pics are too cute. It is a thin line of control between letting your kid play with the brats at the field and wanting to scream at the brats for messing with your kid.... Sometimes I wonder what the other parents are thinking (or if they are...)

Anonymous said...

Good for Miss P.B. for sticking to her guns and making those girls see what fun she is!

And too funny about J. - like one morning alone with the two of them will kill him!