Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Plans, Potty, Hair, and Please.

Why is it that no one can tell me anyones plans? I was told The Boy would be with us all week while his mom is gone. The Boy gets a text and she says she'll be home around6-7. I answer the phone around 5 as I'm making dinner for the Boy and his friend and she asks for him, never telling me anything. Am I supposed to guess when she will be here, the boy never relays any information or it is followed by "I think" which as most people know in tween speak means: I haven't a clue I wasn't listening.
Miss Peanut Butter didn't want to wear her diaper this morning, so I decided to try having her wear the underwear and see how it goes. Amazingly she stayed dry and she ran up to me with a diaper when she had to go, so I sat her down on the potty and she went. She stayed dry until I put her in a diaper to go have lunch and get my hair chopped. I tried to get her back in the underwear after dinner but she wasn't having it. I had her in my lap and she did this head buck thing that always gets me square in the nose. Ouch. My head is pounding now.
I got my hair chopped and I think I like it. I showed her 3 photos and told her I was trying to grow out the bangs. I'll see if I can get a photo tomorrow since I never really like how she styles it and I attempted to run today. I have to walk back to the library since I forgot my stinkin' keys there. Argh. I knew something was up when I didn't have them at the grocery store.
The Boy's traveling team coach lives 3 doors down and feels the need to come by to talk to J. There is nothing like opening up the door to an older man with no shirt on who is a sun worshiper. He is all leathery and it grosses me out. He seems to think he's got it goin' on, but as he turned his back to me all I could think was are those cancer spots or moles. I think he bleaches his hair too and he has the chick magnet convertible. He was looking for some hats, I think he thought he could sneak them since he knew J wasn't home. The he was complaining about a kid being on the team that is 11 instead of 12, that we sneaked him on. Um you are the coach and you didn't look at any paperwork. The kid is good anyways and it isn't like he took someones spot everyone that tried out made it. He played with the boys last year too. This guy is one that is always trying to bring up younger kids in the regular league, I don't get it. The other thing he said that made no sense to me was he made fun of Austin riding his little bike to practice this morning, saying he should of gotten a ride with him, and then asks why he's not outside (smothered in crisco) enjoying the beautiful day. I don't get it. I thought about doing a picture like tranny does, but I don't have her mad skills.


Poltzie said...

Oh, a leathery old man - HOT!

Julie said...

Oh I love it when guys walk around without their shirts....YUCK

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see a picture of your hair! I am forever looking at everyone else's styles for some sort of inspiration.

And . . . HOT. Is he totally hairy too? There was a guy at the pool today that was obviously trying to overcompensate for something . . . and his wife could have been my younger sister.

jessica said...

awesome on the potty training!

post your hair!!!

and i think it's a boy thing. not relaying information. the boys in my house do a terrible job of it.