Sunday, July 20, 2008

Baseball, Target, and Shoosh

I was lucky enough to get vacation days for the weekend. The Boy had a baseball tournament in Fond Du Lac. Saturday it was pouring before their first game so it was on a time delay. In the hour we sat there waiting before they said it will be about 2 hrs before we get going, Peanut Butter managed to stretch her tank top so badly she was not longer covering much of anything. We took advantage of this delay to run to Target and pick up a new shirt and another shirt follow. Just as I get into shopping mode J calls and says where are you? We then rush to get the Method Naked cleaner and get on our way. My wallet is happy that Target is at least a 30 min drive. I love Target.
The boys lost their first game and won their second. I didn't see much of either one since Peanut Butter was trying to feed her concession stand addiction. It was looking like rain again during the second game and I took her back to the car. She pretended to drive and I got to actually watch the game even though it was at quite a distance. The Boy had a great hit. He's finally hitting the ball. Maybe because I told J to back off a bit. He liked to stand right by the batters box outside the fence and yell when The Boy is batting. I told him The Boy looks freaked out after every pitch looking at you when you do this. I noticed he stayed on the other side of the dug out during this hit, so I told J about this little bit of info and he stayed back on todays game too. The "we're a baseball family." wasn't cutting it for me. I love the game as much as he does, but I feel there are better ways to explain how to do things better than screaming at him as he bats. The bad thing about his team is they have a few misfits and hooligans, and could use a good ass chewing once in a while to keep them in line.

Today I had Peanut Butter bring her Nemo pail to try and keep her occupied and it worked to an extent. She seems to think that Nemo sounds pretty darn close to Elmo and interchanges the name. As you can see by her rosy cheeks it was a hot one. She worked on a bottle of water I had bought for myself. There is nothing like watching a toddler drain a $1.50 bottle of water in pure delight. I really need to buy a Sigg bottle soon.

At the end of the game, Peanut Butter thought these 2 girls might let her play with them. They are mean to her on regular league nights, I feel bad when PB tries to play with them and they are just bears to her. But live and learn I guess. I think a lot of the problem is she lacks the verbal skills, they don't understand her and think she is a baby. That's what I'm going with anyway. I wish she had someone to play with at games so she wasn't running to her dealers in the concession stand, forcing me to enable her:)

The Boy(#12) had a beautiful hit in his game today. For some reason the first base coach thought he actually had some speed, but alas, he doesn't and was thrown out at 2nd. But he got a run in anyway. They lost and the day was over early. We tried to get some pizza after the game, but Peanut Butter was a complete bear in the restaurant and we pretty much left as soon as the pizza hit the table. I blame it on J for ordering the Chicago style that takes at least a half an hour.
She was beat after all the sun and instantly fell asleep on the ride home.

These shoosh, as Peanut Butter calls them, caught my eye a couple of months ago at Target. I couldn't justify spending 12 dollars on them when she has a "couple" pairs already. But since they were marked down to 2.98, I felt they were priced right and splurged. Peanut Butter wanted them on right away, but since it was muddy at the fields I made her keep her other ones on. This afternoon she spotted them on the table and wanted to wear them. One keeps falling off for some reason, but she has had the other one on for hours.


Anonymous said...

It cracks me up that someone else in the world not only knows where Fond du Lac is, but has been there! You are a real trooper for taking PB to all those sporting events . . . I would go nuts with all that running around.

And, those shoes are ADORABLE! And well worth it for the price.

April said...

Cute "shoosh"! That PB is too adorable.

Julie said...

I love those shoes. I've eyed them myself. I will have to see if my Target has them marked down...good deal.

jessica said...

i cannot resist target or shoes for monkey girl. and what's with dads and yelling at their boys. i think the dads feel the pressure for their kid to do well and they try to make them. it happens all the time :( glad he got a hit!! and now that monkey is walking i'm missing more of the games too. but she's a good excuse to leave or take a break!

Kathryn said...

Those shoes are so cute!!!!

Poltzie said...

Poor PB, those mean girls will get theirs one day!
Those shoes are dang cute though!

Holly said...

Summer days spent at the ballpark sound perfect!