Thursday, October 4, 2007

My dare devil

My little dare devil, leave her alone for a second any away she goes. The other day she was playing on the couch and figured out if she climbed on her chair she could get on the couch. Then she figured if she reached far enough she could climb on to the end table next to the couch so I moved that and moved her chair. I should know by now she is a lot smarter than I give her credit. She has a small plastic wagon full of toys and she pushed that up to the couch and climbed up on the sofa table behind it and started to try and get the pictures off of the wall. OY!

So I started one of the books from Book Lust, called Little Friend by Donna Tartt. I couldn't get through the epilogue. According to the author of Book Lust, you're supposed to read fifty pages before giving up. I couldn't do it, so I started Firewall by Mankell Henning. It's a fairly good read so far. Murder mystery in Iceland. I guess he has a series with his main character. I just picked up two more books from the list that I had placed on hold. I'd better get reading.

I bought a bunch of scrap stuff from today. Everything was 49% off, I couldn't resist and I'm doing a secret swap for Halloween,so I got that person a few treats. I must have navigated away from the page a hundred times before taking the plunge. I was a little leery at the time because shipping was so much, but I cut back some in my cart and figured I'd spend $9 just driving to the scrapbook store so with the sale and that I came out with a fairly good deal. I mean, a pack of 25 sheets of 8.5x11 white Bazzill for $3.46, they can't temp me like that.

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Anonymous said...

Look at that little munchkin! Sneaky! :)