Wednesday, October 31, 2007


So, I've got that just feeling blah thing going on again. I got assigned a crappy job for tomorrow, my Friday, so I just said blah, I'm taking a vacation day and it's a five day weekend. We're leaving on Friday for my first night away from Peanut Butter and it has me feeling anxious. Will she have everything, will she throw her tantrums for my friend, will she go to sleep for them. I know it's only one night, and she'll be okay, but it just has me all blah. J wants to eat at this fancy place on Friday night. It says casual dress, but any place that charges 30 dollars for a steak is more than t-shirt and jeans. So I have to find something to wear. There's all this pressure of having this great night to ourselves that also has me feeling blah. There's a chance of rain on Saturday, I don't want to sit at a football game in the rain. It's only a 30% chance but blah. Driving through Chicago is going to suck, blah. Seeing as I just read an article on the ton of road construction their doing.
PB has been throwing tantrums lately yesterday I think she cried for 3 hrs kicking her feet on the floor. She's like that video if you walk away she finds you and throws herself down again. Nothing seems to make her happy. Tonight she did it for 45 min while I was making dinner because I wouldn't carry her the whole time. J walked in from work and said what's going on here as PB is laying in the middle of the kitchen bawling kicking the floor. But he picked her up and gave her her nuk and it was all good. I think she was getting hungry, she ate a ton tonight.

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Anonymous said...

Are you back from your weekend? How'd it go? Hope you had a good time!