Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Ham it up

Can I just say I couldn’t be happier it’s Friday, well my Friday. I actually put in a whole seven day stretch without using any leave time. I had a crummy job today too, but it went ok. I’m a little tired though, Peanut Butter got up at 2 am last night just screaming. I pulled her out of the crib and she was bucking and kicking. She didn’t even take her nuk. I almost thought she might be possessed, since she was like that for almost 10 min. I was just about to let her work it out in her crib and Daddy worked his magic and brought her to bed. She crawled over and curled up with me and fell asleep. I put her back in her crib since she has a cough, and it annoys J to all end when someone is coughing when he’s trying to sleep. He apparently hasn’t been keeping up with the news, because he kept begging me to “just give her something.” He apparently understood when I said that something could kill her. I don’t remember saying that to him, but I was half asleep. But I guess she was doing fine this morning when I called home. She is so into bee-bopping around, shaking her hair like the Beatles. Last night she just danced and danced in her high chair. She cracked us all up.

We’re off to the dentist tomorrow. I hope the boy doesn’t have any cavities. I find it strange that something so automatic for my like brushing my teeth when I get up and when I go to bed and sometimes in between, is so hard for him to do. I think he needs things to hurt to understand the ramifications. He doesn’t understand that some of these actions, or non actions, can hurt our pocketbooks. It’s frustrating, and I’ve become the evil stepmother. I discussed this with J last night since I had to take that zombie box, the play station, and his TV away. I asked him to fold and put away his clothes and he just crammed them all on one shelf. I told him that wasn’t acceptable. So he put some shirts on hangers the wrong way, and threw a bunch of stuff behind a cart and said he cleaned it up. I know what your thinking, how can you put clothes on hangers the wrong way? Well, he doesn’t but them on so they hang on the shoulders; he puts them on so the hanger is poking out the front and back. So I took the ps and thought I disabled the TV, but he got that to work, until I unscrewed the satellite. Then he got down to business and actually cleaned it up. I was shocked it was neat and everything. I’ll give the TV back this afternoon, since he cleaned the rest of his room too. J thought I should give it back last night, but didn’t want to step on my toes. I don't know maybe I'm too hard.

So here's a new layout and a new photo of PB little ham.


Anonymous said...

He is testing his boundaries with you. Stand firm.

Ann said...

What a cute LO. Love the pic!!