Monday, October 8, 2007

Columbus Day?

Argh, Why does it have to be Columbus Day. I was so excited that my scrap order would be here today until they were talking on the View about Columbus Day. I had to check the USPS site to totally crush my hopes of getting my stash today. Sorry to my Secret Halloween Person, you'll have to wait another day too.

The game last night stunk literally and figuratively. It was hot and humid, so it stunk like sweat and beer. And the Pack stunk it up on the field the whole second half. Just so disappointing. Other than that it was fun. We didn't pick up Peanut Butter until 1:30am and she stayed awake the whole was home and decided she should play a bit before going back to sleep. So, being the softy I am, she came to bed with us and patted my head until she fell asleep on my arm and didn't move from that spot until she woke up. My arm was a little numb in the morning. I'm glad she was a good girl for our friends, her first real night away from mommy and daddy.

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