Thursday, October 11, 2007

Who'd of Thunk it

I never thought a garbage can would be so much fun. I brought down my can from my scrap room for garbage day and left if in the kitchen to take back up stair s later. Peanut Butter thought it was the coolest thing ever. She crawled in it, run around with it on her head, pushed it back and forth across the floor, tried to pull some tape off of it, and smashed her face in to the wire to make funny faces. She must get it from her father.

Other than that it was a typical boring day around here. I'll have to wait to watch Grey's until tomorrow. What did people do before tivo. I love it.

I told the boy he could have his play station controllers back after he read 100 pages of a book. I ran to the grocery store and when I returned 40 min later, he sighs and said I read 30 pages. I said, "hey you might get those controllers back by the end of the night." 30 minutes later he's miraculously read the next 70 pages. I start to quiz him on the book and keep getting these lame answers and finally I said," I think theres more to this one character than what you are telling me. This paragraph seem to say something else." He says, "Well I read that one set of dialog and it didn't really say anything." Me,"So you didn't read any more of the 'dialog.'" Him,"No." Me, "maybe you should have, find a new book and start over." Am I wrong?


Anonymous said...

Stick to your guns!

Thomisia said...

My baby loves my trash can also.