Sunday, September 30, 2007


What ever happened to reading books? I am usually pretty good about reading books, but lately I just haven't had the attention span for a whole book. I've been a magazine junkie. I think I am up to date with all my favs at the library. The last two days I've read Book Lust and More Book Lust hoping to get some ideas for some books to read. I'm going to try and post my list of picks on
my 'to-read' shelf:

I've noticed the boy will not read unless he is forced and his grades are revealing that fact. His complaint is it takes so long to read. I tried to explain like anything else you have to practice to become better. I really wish I had pushed this earlier, but so should have his mom and dad. I was thinking about making him read for a half an hour after school here and then I believe his mom makes him read at home. We'll see. Peanut Butter loves to flip through her book and any magazines she can get her hands on, but she won't let you read them to her. I know Mr. Brown by heart so I can read that one to her as she flips, but she's more of a "my book" attitude right now. I feel horrible that I don't read more to her. I will have to try to read to her more.

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Cassandra said...

Hi Robyn! Thanks for crusing by my blog! I was thinking about how I turned from avid reader to magazine junkie.... A friend sent me a link to Shelfari. But I am so lame, the same book has been on the night stand for months, but I devour the Entertainment Weekly each Thursday!