Sunday, October 28, 2007

Trick or Treat.

I got Peanut Butter all dressed up for Trick or Treating in her monkey costume that my mom bought. It was so cute. She walked over to the neighbors and she had a special bag set up for her. She walked down the sidewalk a bit and made it to a few more houses. We mostly hung out in front of the house giving out candy. She ate a Hersey bar, half a kit kat, a tootsie roll and had a lollipop. I can't believe I let her have so much sugar, but hey it was trick or treating. At one point she dropped her bag and bent down to pick it up and ended up doing a complete somersault it was so funny. J had her dancing tonight, she is such a hoot.

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Cassandra said...

OMG! SO cute!! She is a doll baby--and the monkey costume is the best!