Sunday, October 21, 2007

Hello bloggers, PB’s mom here. Hee hee, a little intro courtesy of Gossip Girl, my new must see teen show. I have one that I get wrapped up in every year. First, there was Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, loved it. I have most of the seasons on DVD and I never get tired of watching it. Then there was Veronica Mars, I can’t believe they cancelled my saucy, little sleuth. I’m in the process of getting those on DVD. J wonders why I watch these shows, he seems to him that a woman in her thirties shouldn’t be hooked on shows about high schoolers. He even rolls his eyes at America ’s Next Top Model. I love to sit and eat ice cream while watching size 0s getting all catty. Maybe it’s because my high school life was so mundane or because I went to school in a super small town and didn’t have much variety or cliques. They just seem have so much more “drama”. Whatever, I love ‘em.

It’s been pretty boring on the home front. We’re in between sports seasons with the boy. Which is kind of nice, I don’t have to use vacation time on the weekends for a while, since I don’t have a whole lot left. Peanut Butter has been exploring, her new thing is to grab my finger and drag me to the back door to go outside. I let her out on the deck and she puts her head through the rails and looks around and waves at the neighbors if they are outside. Sometimes we walk down the driveway to the front of the house. She then climbs up the front stairs and thinks she’s all cool walking on the pedestals. I’ve been letting her give the dog treats; she gets a big kick out of it. She was in the cupboards again yesterday. She climbs way in there to pull out every last thing. She has pictures tomorrow at daycare. I don’t know what I’m going to put her in. I bought all these cute clothes last month, but I bought them in bigger sizes so I had stuff she could grow into. The 18 months are a wee bit big, so I might have to seek out an outfit after work today. I’m sure J will love that.

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