Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Indian in the Cupboard

Peanut Butter decided to go exploring today. I standing at the counter top making some dinner. She's playing with the stuff in the one lower cabinet that she has access to and then she's gone. I'm wondering how she could disappear right below my feet and then I hear her in the cabinet. Of course I have to get photos first before I pull her out. I have to have proof for Daddy, so he knows what she's been up to, or should I say into. Yes, she is an sixteenth Cherokee, hence the title.

Had a health fair at work today. I don't know why I took the fat/bmi test. I know I need to lose more weight, I'm working on it. I can't imagine what it would have said a year ago, when I weighed 50 pounds more. I figure 20 more and I'll be happy. I'm just excited to be 3 sizes smaller. By the way the recipe was very good, I added some flax meal to the bread crumbs and some garlic and portobella mushrooms to the sauce. Delish
. Peanut Butter couldn't get enough.

Oh I got my stash today and I don't know if they screwed up or just added to extras, but I got an extra pack of white Bazzill, a stamp set, and 2 hambly overlays, which I really wanted, but didn't order. I was ecstatic now I just need to find some time to scrap.

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Cassandra said...

Oh My-- that is just the cutest picture EVER!!!!!!!!!!! You should submit that somehwere!