Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wendsday Wonderings

Here's few things I've been wondering about lately:

Why does Peanut Butter seen to poop right after I change her? Seriously like 5 min and she's grunting.

Why is J taking everything personal this week and saying it's about me getting an attitude before I leave for a night? I'm going, get a grip and deal.

When you went away to camp or college it wasn't weird to room with a complete stranger, but when you room with someone you only know from the internet you're crazy?

When did I accumulate so much scrapbooking stuff? I really need to purge, but I'm sure I'll need something at sometime. If I ever get some mojo and make some pages.

Will my pages pass the muster this weekend? Am I horrible because I'm a one photo scrapper?

Why do I always forget something at the grocery store? I really wanted those cranberry oatmeal cookies. Maybe it's a good thing I forgot the, as Mary says, nasty little biatches.

Just in case you were wondering PB was on her best behavior today.


April said...

All very good questions. Not that i can help you answer any of them. LOL And damn, those cookies did sound good!!

Zoe said...

i don't think its crazy to meet with some one from the net...i have done worse with some cyber "friends" in the old days that is. ava will also only poo in a clean diaper. i like single photos on my pages. i'm sure yours will be great. men always get in a snit if they think your going out may require them to take care of their own children.