Tuesday, March 11, 2008

One of Those Days

It was one of those days that I shouldn't be a mom. Peanut Butter was in full force today from 2:30 am screaming to come into our bed; we lasted an hour before we gave in. Who'd of thought she could give it her all for that long. I almost thought we had her for about 5 min but she was just regaining her voice. This morning I attempted to get some scrapping stuff packed but that was futile. After destroying my scrap room, and fighting through the first of many trying diaper changes, we went to wally world and it was "mom, mom, mom," with out stretched arms for everything and fury as we go by. Then she's trying eat the bananas peel and all. Screams as I put her in the car seat and proceeds to scream just about the the whole way home, because of course she doesn't have her nuk and if she doesn't have it in the car there is hell to pay. So I'm on my last nerve and all I can do is yell and I do, which is why I shouldn't be a mom on these days. The words "I'll give you something to cry about." crossed my lips at least once if not twice today. We lunched and then napped and all was good. Silence for 2.5 hrs. It was nice so we went for a walk and we got in the library picked out some dvds and I wheeled her over to the magazines to fuel my addiction, and the throwing of the dvds begins then screaming because she doesn't have them any more. I quickly load up and get to the check out and start putting her mittens and hat on. The very nice clerk come out from behind picked my pile off the floor and says are you ready, I see you have you're hands full. I get it, you want me and the screamer to hit the road. We check out and I have to put her mittens and hat back on since she had taken them all off already, which prompts her to throw a fit all the way out the door. Once we hit daylight it is a whole other girl. Half way home she takes off her mittens and hands them to me and then her hat. I am in such a state, I forgot how badly playing upstairs went this morning an attempt to pack some stuff for this weekend again. She gets into everything and I call it quits. I spend about 30 min just holding her in the kitchen trying to make dinner we hug and kiss and make up. But she doesn't believe she should be put down for any reason. And throws a tantrum after I lost the sink strainer in the garbage and need to retrieve it. I'm hoping its just hunger at this point, J gets home and I am like please take her so I can make garlic bread so we can eat. From dinner on she was pretty good. I must make a mean tomato sauce.


jessica said...

boy you did have a trying day! she wore you out huh. i can relate... hope tomorrow is better! i'd love to try some of your sauce ;)

Anonymous said...

I wish days like that had a 'Re-Start' button! And I swore that I would NEVER EVER use that phrase, but I swear it crosses my lips at least once a day! The first 3/4 of Cooper's 'Terrible 2's' was great, but this last 1/4 is about to do me in . . . I hope Maggie is the opposite, and things only get better!