Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone. We usually don't do a whole lot for Easter. The boy spends it with his mom, and Peanut Butter doesn't quite get holidays yet. We don't really do the religious thing, since I am an atheist and J doesn't go to church, he talks about it, but doesn't go. He said he was going to take her while I was a work, and I said okay, I knew he wouldn't. Though it's funny that I knew more about the bible than he did last night. I actually had to pull it out and prove the poor guy wrong. Forcing me to attend bible study in order to get married has its perks. Since the whole Easter bunny and eggs thing has nothing to do with religion, I'm sure we'll do that for PB maybe next year. I kind of miss dying eggs. My mom did send us a little Easter goody package. I put the empty plastic eggs in PB's kitchen drawer, well see how long it takes her to find them.


Amy said...

I am sure you will have fun some day decorating eggs with your daughter. It is always a hit in our house! Eggs actually are symbolic to Christianity and Easter, as they symbolize rebirth!

Hope you had a nice weekend!

April said...

I dye eggs EVERY SINGLE YEAR. I've never, ever missed a year (31 years now). When Big D and I met, and I told him we were dying eggs for Easter, he looked at me like I was crazy. Now, his third Easter with me, he loves it. ;-)

Zoe said...

i never ever dyed eggs as a kid. but it is something i enjoy doing with mine...even though ava did ruin her leggings and all of their hands were still green today!