Saturday, March 22, 2008

Just when you thought it was over.

Just when you thing spring is on the way, there is nothing like a foot of new snow to crush your hopes. I was so happy that the sidewalks were finally clear and mostly dry. Peanut Butter was enjoying the walks and now it will be another week or so to get back out there. We're supposed to have temps in the high 40's next week, so hopefully it will melt fast, though now we have to worry about flooding. I almost feel bad when I see out neighbor out there snow blowing our driveway, we share one. I did shovel off our back stairs twice and the front stairs and sidewalk once for the mailman. But its not like I can leave PB in the house by herself to snow blow the driveway. J works such goofy hours, he didn't get home til after 10 last night. The neighbor owns the snow blower anyway. We have an odd relationship with them, his wife is very nice, along with their daughter, who is away at college. He's a crank who likes to complain your ear off. I try to avoid him. His son seems very nice, but never says anything and our dog for some reason wants to attack him and has come very close to doing so which scares the bejesus out of me. It is one of the reasons I think about getting rid of the dog. He leaves for college in the fall, so the temptation to attack him may go away, at least his chances to will diminish.


Kristi S said...

yep, thats the kind of week its been everywhere, especially the mid-west

Mary said...

Seriously..........where the heck is the Spring?!?!
(we're lucky enough over here to not be dealing with the white stuff but it's still pretty chilly!)

Zoe said...

they are calling for snow here for the next 2 days uggg!!!