Friday, March 14, 2008

fat camp friday

I'm going to copy Zoe, and give updates on Fridays. I realized I was slipping backwards, and stocked up on some good stuff on Wednesday at Whole Foods. I bought some plain yogurt, and realized yesterday that it tastes nasty, and had to mix it with some vanilla flavored, but I ate it with strawberries and granola. I am trying to stay away from mundane snacking after work before dinner, it is hard. I've been trying to just have a banana. But I have had a few animal crackers too. Peanut Butter, the dog, and I went for a walk yesterday it was great, except the girl hangs out of the stroller and the dog feels the need to pee on everything jerking me all the time. I also forgot how nasty the dog gets walking through water and mud. The girl and I went again today after work, to the grocery store, I needed diet coke. I know I should be trying to give up my diet coke habit, but I haven't hit rock bottom from my addiction yet. I do drink water during the day.


Amy said...

Keep up the good work! As for the diet coke... it is a hard thing for some to give up. I recenlty gave up diet pepsi. I was miserable for about a week and then I felt better. It's amazing how much bloat went away after I stopped drinking it.

Do what you body can handle. Maybe it would be too much right now, but I assure you when you do give it up you will feel a difference, at least I did.

Take care and best of luck!

Zoe said...

at least it is diet pepsi! i can't walk with the kids and the dog..i seriously want to dismember someone before we are even out of the driveway. kudos to you for making the effort.

April said...

Good for you! That's awesome!!