Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thoughts for Thursday: Simple or Guilty Pleasures

Ah, those little things that seem so simple, but are so rewarding in a way. They can be taken for granted sometimes and be given as a treat other times. I took off work today because I knew Peanut Butter was scheduled for day care and I would be able to grocery and Target shop on my own. It was pure bliss, no crying because her nuk fell out in the car. No eating packaging or items through the bags. No trying to get out of the cart. No pulling things off the shelf/hangers. No tantrums because it's nap time and we aren't done yet. My simple pleasures have changed a bit in the last 19 months, but here is a short list of mine.

1. As previously stated grocery shopping on my own. I don't even like to go with J. He drives me nuts.
2. Napping with Peanut Butter.
3. Books on CD. Love them, if it's a good narrator.
4. Good Dark Chocolate. I got a large assortment that I bought in France to last a year. They were so good.
5. Walking like I'm on the catwalk ala Americas Next Top Model down the hallways at work when no one is around. I'm sure some of the video of me on the security cameras is hilarious. Make it Fierce girl!
6. Buffy the Vampire Slayer tv series. I never get tired of it I watch it over and over as I scrapbook.
7. Office supplies. I don't know why, but I seem to collect them, especially cool notebooks/journals. Though I have gotten better at not buying these things, just picking them up and putting them down.
8. Finding cute shoes that fit, I wear an 11. It's almost impossible. Which is why I collect purses.
9. The perfect temperature shower, where you never want to get out. I'm usually in and out in 5 min, but those days when it's perfect. I'm a water waster.
10. Tivo, I love not having to watch commercials. It's the only way I can watch Lost without getting lost. Rewind, fast forward, pause, Love it.

What are some of your simple/guilty pleasures?


Stacy said...

lol I am dying over the Top Model walking down the hall at work! That is just too funny and must be fun!

Michelle said...

me...I love watching TMZ and I too watch Top Model. One of my favorite things to do though is to watch Jenna when she is asleep, she's so cute - sometimes I take pics of her because she sleeps in the funniest positions.

April said...

We have something in common, dark chocolate and TIVO are also two of my guilty pleasures. Buying tons of Tassimo coffee disks is another one of mine and beauty product shopping.

Apryl said...

Shoes and chocolate are two of mine as well!

I'm also a notebook junkie. I'm OCD about lists and I have cute notebooks FULL of them!

and ICED coffee.

And holding my oldest daughter's hand. Growing up too fast...but she'll still hold her mom's hand.