Tuesday, March 11, 2008

For Jessica, My Monkey Girl

She used that car to get everywhere. I'm surprised she only had the thing roll out from underneath her her a couple times. She was so proud when she made it up on that sofa table, until I caught her, which is why she has the deer in headlights look on her.


jessica said...

this is what i have to look forward to! we're well on our way. eeeeeee! thanks for posting--you have your hands fulllllll!

Cassandra said...

There are three stages: baby proofing (infant to low toddler) Monkey proof (toddler) Destruction proofing (little kid till they move out)... it is a never ending battle. You ever wonder why old people have a gazillion knicknacks sitting all in their house? It's because they couldn't have anything their entire life while they had kids there and now they are over compensating.

Zoe said...

haha! i love the one of her on the sofa table!