Friday, March 28, 2008

A late easter basket

In my childless shopping adventure yesterday, I found the cutest basket on clearance at Target. I had to get it, my rational was I'll save it for next year, and 1.99, hey that's a deal from 7.99. But of course I cannot wait until next easter to give it to her. This morning she unpacked all of her hidden goodies from the seat of her car, including the plastic eggs my mom sent, and placed them in the basket and decided to go for a drive. It was hilarious. She really likes that basket, and now I feel bad since I didn't properly do the whole easter thing because I didn't think she's get it.
We trekked to Wally World today, I got my haircut while I had the boy chase after Peanut Butter, who decided the salon was the prefect place to throw as many tantrums as possible, but of course waved and blew kisses at everyone as we were leaving as to say, "I'm sorry about the screaming, love ya." We did lunch and napped it was wonderful. The best part of my days off is nap time. I love me a good nap.
We went over to a friends house to watch the Badgers get their asses handed to them in the basketball tournament. Yes, I'm a bit bitter, I have no one left to cheer for. Duke and Marquette lost last weekend. Our friends have a daughter who is 2 and PB went to town playing with all of her toys. The poor girl was at a loss on how to react. She did the normal, mine and pushing. PB brushed it off and had a great time. Our friend was like welcome to the terrible two's. I said hey, I dealt with that stuff all morning. PB ain't always this good humored. But i'm sure she'll sleep good tonite, she played her heart out.


jessica said...

very cute pics! i also bought a half-off easter basket - it's a ladybug one. i think we'll use it for halloween. post pics of your haircut!

April said...

I LOVE the cute pig tails!

Cassandra said...

She is so cute! (even if her mommy is a dookie)

Mary said...

One year without a basket ON Easter won't kill her. Just remember next year :) he he he

She is so cute. I love her pigtails! And I love that she rides her little truck around with her basket :)