Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I started watching Frontline last night about "Bush's War" it was very interesting so far. I had tivo it since it was going to run past my bed time and my opportunity to use the computer came open. It is a 2 parter. J was going on about what happened to Tony Soprano as he's watching clips on You Tube. I said I'm trying to hear about something real here, I don't really care about Tony Soprano, I don't even watch the Sopranos unless you have it on. He's been weird lately and its annoying me to all end. Last night he went into this bit about giving him a hug. I said you don't want a hug your just being difficult. On and on about giving him a freaking hug. It wasn't happening. Before that he was going on about sinning and I'm in total whatever stage with that, your guilt is your guilt. I'm sorry watching The Ten Commandments and that show in how Jesus was crucified is getting to you, I was just grossed out on how they crucified people. Let it go or go to church if it makes you happy.

Yesterday also confirmed that I can't take much more of Elizabeth Hasselback. She tried compare Obama and Rev. Wright to Jeffery Dahmer eating peanut butter sandwiches and eating people? WTF. She lost me again on that one. I know she's trying to keep up the conservative side on the show, but girl sometimes you need to get a grip. I get why people are pissed about the Rev, but I also get why he goes off about the issues that he did, and am not afraid that should Obama be elected that he's going to take it to the rich white man. Come on.

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