Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Woe is Me Wednesday

J leaves for deer hunting tomorrow. It is beyond me why it takes 2 days to set up the camp, but I know he is not alone in this, since another guy who had his wife and kids out to dinner too said he was leaving in the morning too.

I must be a sucker for punishment since I allow Peanut Butter to talk me into using the ginormous car/truck carts at the grocery store. It was fine at first when she would actually stay in the car, but now it is in out, in out, in out. door is dragging on the floor. Argh shopping was hell this morning.

My Staples didn't have my photopaper when I was in today. I normally use the Kodak studio finish, but I took a chance on the Staples brand photo supreme satin finish and they seem to have come out ok. Yay for me since this paper is cheaper than the Kodak stuff.

I have been in a slump exercise wise. I am frustrated with Jillian, I have no "get up" to get to the gym, but I seem to be eating way too much.

Hopefully I will get a little relaxation in tomorrow and do a little scrapbooking.


Leslie Collins said...

Let's hold each other to it that we scrap while our hubby's are gone. I need to, but always do the dishes, blog or something else.

Fishsticks and Fireflies said...

I have made Cooper and Maren give up the car carts for that exact reason. There were quite a few tears at first, but encouraging them to 'help' me shop is working - they count milk cartons, drop items into the cart, and help look for different products.

I hope J.'s time away passes without incident and that you are able to get some you time in!

Denise said...

the car carts used to drive me batty! I rarely used them...because they would get in and out and not only that but I would take out a few end racks with the damn thing (apparenntly you have to have a license to drive a semi in order to use one of those things)....its better with a regular cart!

CanadianMama said...

Hey Robin,
Question: do you digital scrap? I've been looking at Stampin Up!'s digital studio and I'm really interested. But then I don't know how I would print them off.

Do you print pictures for your scrapbooking at home? If so what kind of printer do you have. Do you like it? Is it cheaper or more expensive than printing pics at Walmart? Can you alter the sizes?

Sorry, lots of questions LOL! You can email me at canadianmama at shaw dot ca if you want.

Thanks lady!!