Saturday, November 21, 2009

Lazy Days

Since being on vacation I haven't managed to do too much. I do have all the laundry caught up, which reminds me, my clothes are sorted all over my bed. I have been keeping up with the dishes and due to a certain nameless Peanut Butter, I have had the broom and vacuum out a couple times. I have not done any cleaning that I had wanted to yet while my other mess makers are away watching the woods. I was going to hop to it today and well with going to the gym, making pancakes, playing outside, making cupcakes, and a good nap, I just haven't found the time. Tonight I think we're going to watch Monsters vs. Aliens, which we were going to watch last night, but Shrek was on TV. PB seems to have some fascination with MvA even though she has yet to see it. I have yet to cook a decent meal also. Pizza, Mac and Cheese, tacos, tonight it will be hot dogs, since the girl has been begging for them. I will make spaghetti tomorrow, I will make spaghetti tomorrow. I have also been horrible about getting PB to bed. I have been putting her to bed at 9:30 ish and she is staying awake until I go to bed 10:30 ish and proceeding to say lets watch TV in your bed. And I seem to go along with this plan, but I have had naps out of her the last 2 days. I am off for 4 more days, she will be ruined.

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