Sunday, November 22, 2009

Play Kitchens

Peanut Butter is still hell bent on getting a play kitchen so I went on a search for one. I think I have narrowed down to two.  This one:

This is Peanut Butters 1st choice. In fact she just ran up and said I want that kitchen set. I, however, like this play ktichen

I like the retro and it is still pink. Peanut Butter isn't convinced. They are both comparable in price which is still quite a chunk of change.

I have also made the mistake of watching other kids channels which unlike Nick JR. they show commercials so every comercial break there is screaming,  "I want barbie this!" "Mama, I need this PLEASE."  It is all becoming to much. I am almost wishing I had scheduled her for daycare tomorrow so I could have a break. I hope I can make it until Tuesday.


Denise said...

They are both cute! she wold LOVE either one.

Anonymous said...

We got Cooper a kitchen for Christmas when he was 2 - it was a bit pricy, but he still plays with it, as does Maren (and as will Briar.) Love the pink!

Leslie Collins said...

LOVE the pink! Both are cute.