Monday, November 9, 2009

Where in the World

Today is an answer to Mary's question, "Where would your dream vacation be right now?"

My friends, I am not a tropical person, I do not like hot. You will probably not ever hear me moan to be on a beach somewhere. As beautiful as a lot of these places are, they are not somewhere I would like to spend an entire vacation, but maybe a weekend. I like history and architecture. I like cobble stone roads and big iron fences. I also like big cities, I love the hustle and bustle. I like riding the metro/tube what have you. Thankfully J likes at least the history part. My dream vacation would be to travel across Europe by train. I'd like to start at the beaches of Normandy, go through France. Another stop in Paris would be fine, I could never get enough of Paris. Travel though Belguim and see a lot of Germany and then travel through Austria.

I chose this question today, because my Mom and I might take another jaunt somewhere in December and I am trying to decide on a place that isn't going to break my bank. I was thinking Krakow,  Prague, or maybe Budapest. These are places J has no desire to go to, whereas, I think they would be neat. My Mom's suggestions were Istanbul, St. Petersburg, Hong Kong, South America, or Azerbaijan. St. Petersburg was my first choice but after further look, it appears the city is the twelfth most expensive city in the world and sigh, that my friends is out of this girl's budget. I was perusing at work on my break and a coworker though I was nuts looking up Riga, Odessa, and other foreign places that apparently no one wants to visit but me. We haven't been able to discuss it since she is in China with no internet access. She is a traveler, who luckily gets to travel a lot for work, which luckily for me gets her lots of frequent flier miles.

I have a Where I've Been on my facebook profile and yes I'd like to go to Libya someday. The Roman ruins I saw on The Long Way Down were amazing. It might be hot there though.

Anywhere you want to go?

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Anonymous said...

I don't do hot and I don't do humid. I don't really have a strong desire to ever go to Europe, though I think there are parts of it that are amazing - Prague would be my first choice. I think it is so neat that you and your mom are able to do this! I hope that someday M. can tag along!

Leslie Collins said...

I am tropical, but I also like the hustle and bustle of a good city. I like to eat and shop wherever I go. It sounds like you have an amazing list of places you want to travel to. I would also like to get to Italy and Spain.

Denise said...

I would LOVE to go to Greece!! But I would also love warm and tropical! I think that is fantastic that you can do this. Good for you.

Mary said...

Yay, thanks for answering my question!
It's so fun that you and your Mom travel like this........hope you settle on some good plans soon!

I would love to visit Europe or Australia. And I do love warm sunny beaches :) We may be looking at taking a long weekend to Bremuda or Aruba (again) in February. We need a few days of pure R & R!

Michelle Leigh said...

I love hot, beachy locations. Hawaii being my favorite! However, I am pretty open to travel to anywhere. I just love to see new places and experience life somewhere else. Plus, getting away sans kids never hurts! I've never been to Europe so that is high on my list of places to go, but my number 1 pick would have to be New Zealand and Australia.

Anonymous said...

It might be easier to list where I don't want to go. But the Louvre is on my bucket list. So Paris is a must and Rome and Beijing and there are a ton of places in the U.S.